Petrucci sources high quality, vintage furniture exclusively from the UK. Each item is chosen for its untouched beauty and for its imperfections, which are then both elevated by Nikki Petrucci’s exacting creative process, unique global inspiration and wealth of experience in working with some of the industry’s leading minds. Her influence creates unique restorative furniture pieces that are entirely bespoke, evocatively individual and beautifully creative. They are not crafted as furniture alone, but as unique artistic expressions for you to enjoy.

Nikki Petrucci has been crafting bespoke restorative furniture for over 25 years. Even whilst studying, the unique work she produces has captured even the most sophisticated minds, with her exclusive Barrington Tub Chair winning a national competition with The Conran Shop – a design which then went on to be manufactured and sold in the iconic Michelin House.

This is the exquisite inventiveness Petrucci is synonymous with.


Bespoke, thoughtful and exquisite


Contemporary, elegant and vibrant


Bold, refined and alluring


Intriguing, unique and evocative


Patriotic, striking and chic

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Each vintage furniture item is selected exclusively from the UK and is hand picked for its raw beauty and imperfections.


Nikki’s inspiration is not drawn from one particular place, but from across the globe, and her designs are entirely unique to each piece.


All designs and paintwork are comprehensively sealed with a matt varnish, to provide a quality yet protective finish.