Each item of furniture Nikki selects goes through the following meticulous process, honed over the last two decades. It is only once this is finished that furniture can become a Pure Petrucci piece.

Each furniture item is selected exclusively from the UK. They are quality vintage pieces specifically chosen for a particular distinctive feature, or thought-provoking individuality. They sometimes possess imperfections, but these are maintained as features of each piece’s rich heritage and character.

Many Petrucci pieces are reminiscent of the 60’s era and often showcase a number of unique G plan furniture items, which, with Nikki’s unique creative designs, become statement pieces that boast a classic style with a distinctive modern twist.


Once selected, each piece of furniture is transported to a dedicated workshop where it is then extensively cleaned and sanitised by Nikki’s creative team. Chairs and soft furnishings are also thoroughly sanitised, whilst additionally being upholstered if needed. This then becomes the canvas upon which the creative design process unfolds.

Nikki’s inspiration is not drawn from one particular place, but from across the globe – from artwork and breathtaking landscapes to rich fabrics and architecture. Her designs are entirely unique to each piece of furniture and the initial sketches only begin once the rejuvenation process has been completed, so as to elevate its existing beauty.

Once initial sketches are finalised, these are hand drawn onto the item of furniture. They then go on to be scrupulously painted using a collection of different mediums, such as stains and colour washes to achieve an exquisite level of detail. Depending on the piece, this detail is often further heightened with the addition of unique appliques, moulding details or considered hardware alterations. It is this creative imagination that Nikki hopes speaks to buyers, and continues to evoke meaningful emotion long after a Petrucci piece has been purchased.

All designs and paintwork are comprehensively sealed with a matt varnish, with at least four to five layers being added. This not only provides a quality finish, but also thoroughly preserves the design of the Petrucci item, ensuring it can be enjoyed every day without the beauty of the piece being compromised.