Nikki has been creating exquisite furniture design for over 25 years.
Even whilst studying, the bespoke work she produces has captured even the most
sophisticated minds, with her exclusive Barrington Tub Chair winning a national competition
with The Conran Shop – a design which then went on to be manufactured and sold
in Conran’s flagship store situated in the iconic Michelin House in London.
This is the luxury inventiveness Petrucci is synonymous with.

Once graduated, Nikki joined leading luxury interior designer Mark Wilkinson, working with a collection of local celebrities. Shortly after moving to the USA in 2000, English Country Kitchens LLC was founded, offering high-end kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to a prestigious client base spanning both Palm and Miami Beach.

Alongside her successful interior design company, Nikki also began to renovate her own properties, building an extensive real estate portfolio, complete with an array of bespoke furniture pieces – the original Petrucci items.


Petrucci sources high quality, vintage furniture exclusively from the UK. Each item is chosen for its untouched beauty and raw imperfection, which Nikki then elevates by adding her own unique design influence drawn from global inspiration and her wealth of experience in working with some of the industry’s leading names. Her influence translates onto furniture principally through bespoke paintwork, which is sometimes coupled with the addition of unique appliques, intricate moulding details and considered hardware alterations.

All Pure Petrucci pieces are entirely bespoke, evocatively individual and beautifully designed. They are not created as furniture alone, but as sophisticated artistic expressions for you to enjoy.


Each item created by Nikki follows an exacting creative process, which begins with the initial discovery phase involving the scrupulous sourcing of distinctive, thought-provoking furniture. Each item is then thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and upholstered – still maintaining the small imperfections which are so integral to the heritage of each piece.

Nikki then designs the bespoke creative work she will apply, before meticulously transferring this onto the furniture using a collection of paints, stains and colour washes for the most intricate levels of creative detail. To finish, the design is then comprehensively sealed with a matt varnish, to provide a luxurious finish and ensure its longevity.